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  • What is NixWhistle

    Are you someone who is going through a tough time in your workplace? Do you find a lot of injustice activities taking place in your office and is it affecting you in a negative way? Well, if you are afraid to stand up and speak up for yourself, do not worry. You can put forth your words by using this platform.

    NixWhistle is a platform that has been created to encourage employees everywhere to speak up about and their opinions and feelings about their workplace and the way they are being treated. Most employees hesitate to speak up and fight for what's right due to many reasons, such as Threats, Blackmailing and others. We are giving them a chance to let their voices and calls for help be heard. As we strongly respect one's privacy, we are promising you a 100% Anonymity; therefore giving you the opportunity to blow whistle against what is being wrong.

    About Us
  • Why Blockchain?

    By utilizing the concepts from Cryptography, Game theory and Distributed Computing, Bitcoin was introduced to the Digital World in 2008, which was blockchain 1.0. It is a Distributed and Decentralised Network which enables peer-to-peer (P2P) data transaction while eliminating the need for a third party in between. Blockchain is bringing disruption across industries ranging from Financial Services, Real Estate, Health Care and other sectors. It has been leveraged to obtain Authentication, Authorization, Accountability, Integrity, Security, Transparency and Confidentiality,

    The blockchain system helps in keeping one's personal information and records highly safe and organised while promising zero damages or manipulation with data.

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    What Blockchain offers

  • How it works?

    Whistleblower is an individual who without authorization reveals private or classified information about an organisation, usually related to wrongdoing or misconduct. Whistleblowers generally states that such actions are motivated by a commitment to the public interest.

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    About Us
  • Roles and Explanation

    The platform works on role based access, which are designated by the admin. The major roles include - Whistle Blower, Investigator & Reviewer.

    A Whistle Blower is a person who reveals or exposes any unethical / illegal behaviour that happens in any organisation.
    Click herefor a Whistle Blower detailed Demo

    An Investigator intervenes into the apprehensions to give decision for the genuinity of the statement. Statements are scrutenized in details before making decisions. Click herefor a Investigator detailed Demo

    A Reviewer makes the final decision if the earlier mentioned decisions are biased. Click herefor a Reviewer detailed Demo

    About Us
  • Social Drive

    NixWhistle Inc. solely provided a platform during the pandemic COVID-19 to encourage people to report the positive cases silently; assuring people about their identity-confidentiality and helping people by connecting the authorities to take proper actions. NixWhistle Inc. launched different platform for the citizens to get help regionally and globaly by ensuring annonymity, confidentiality and providing help by collaborating with other healthcare facilities.

    CoronaSpeak is trying to reach out to people in order to receive inputs about infections and wellness and also encouraging them to report any cases anonymously.

    Coronaspeak, WellnessSpeak, & TNCoronaSpeak, were some social initiatives taken during this pandemic by NixWhistle Inc.

    About Us